When the word "vacation" had not yet been invented, Berchtesgaden had long been visited by prominent guests. Bavaria's kings chose the land at the foot of Mount Watzmann as their summer residence.
What the nobility once kept for themselves is, today, enjoyed by all for what it has to offer: culture and cures, excitement and recuperation. At the heart of the climatic cure region, Berchtesgaden is truly a spring of health.
Visitors also enjoy the art and culture of the area's numerous museums, exhibits and concerts. The modern convention center is perfect for conferences.
Hiking, golf, tennis, summer sledding, ice-skating, cross-country and downhill skiing and snow boarding at the Gutshof and Rossfeld ski areas make of Berchtesgaden a sports heaven. Both body and mind recover at the Watzmann Therme, a brand new spa facility.
Immersed in centuries of history, Berchtesgaden is surrounded by majestic mountains atop one of which is the "Eagle's Nest". Deep below ground the visitor is transported into the fairy tale world of the Salt Mines.
The historical town center boasts decorated façades, churches and the Royal Palace. Perched on a hillside is the famous pilgrimage church of Maria Gern, a Baroque jewel set in an exquisite alpine jewel box.

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