Salzburg is known as a baroque jewel in the heart of Europe, only 20 km (12 miles) away from our house Berghof Punzenlehen****. The historic city with its ancient, winding alleyways, was home to Mozart. A cultural must on any trip to central Europe, Salzburg has a store of sights and sounds to offer. Apart from its architectural highlights, an abundance of concerts and world class cultural events are offered - not only during the famed Salzburg Summer Festival - but throughout the year as well. The city and its surroundings were also the stage for the 1964 filming of the 'Sound of Music', probably still the most popular and well-loved musical film ever made. Salzburgļæ½s Airport is also a practical way for travelers to reach Berchtesgaden.

We've all enjoyed the sights and thanks to our Salzburg Card oru sightseeing programme has proved to be both informative and excellent value for money. We've admired this magnificent city, we've assiduously studided all there is to know about famous names, dates and works of art - and we've finally earned a long stroll round the shops.

Transportation to Salzburg from Berchtesgaden: local bus from Berchtesgaden Bahnhof to Mirabellplatz throughout the day (1 way about 45 min.). By car 25 minutes only.

English guided tours to Salzburg from Berchtesgaden: Salzburg / Sound of music tours. This English tour (max. 8 participants) combines the history and cultural highlights of Salzburg with the main locations used in the film. It also includes a pleasant walking tour through the old city leading up to Maria's abbey. The story will come alive again during this fully guided tour and on the return journey the real-life story of the von Trapp family will be told.



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